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The ecological and economical restructuring of our society in the 21st century will not be possible without technology or technological progress. We as AixpertSoft GmbH would like to make our contribution to this with our software AixBOMS "Made in Germany". Digital networks and data centers represent a central factor of this social change and change our life and actions sustainably. An optimized and automated operation of these digital infrastructures is not only an economic factor, but also an ecological challenge. For example, up to 3% of the national electricity consumption of mature economies is expected to be consumed by data centers alone by 2030.
End device operation, end device accumulators and decentralized networks are very difficult to estimate in terms of future energy consumption.

About AixpertSoft

With its "Infrastructure Management Center (IMC)", AixpertSoft GmbH (phonetically "expert soft") is an expert in software-based management of IT infrastructures, data centers, networks and IT services from the science and technology region of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle).

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With us, you can expect the latest technology development, agile and lively project work, as well as a high degree of independent, autonomous work in a modern, pleasant working atmosphere with a transparent and forward-looking management culture - naturally with long-term prospects.

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