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The Advanced CMDB for holistic management of IT infrastructures, data centers and services

Benefit from our expert system for DCIM, network, connectivity, cable and service management

AixBOMS packages and product lines

In addition to our established enterprise solution, we offer AixBOMS tailored to the main needs of some user groups. These are not special developments, but rather suitably pre-packaged packages of the same core. Thus, further developments of our enterprise solution have a corresponding effect on the affected components in the other product lines.


One distinguishing criterion is the number of managed objects, the so-called CIs (configuration items). Here our offers range from an upper limit of 300 CIs for the trial version to 50,000 CIs for the AixBOMS SaaS- and AixBOMS SMB-solutions up to an unlimited amount of CIs for AixBOMS Enterprise. A detailed presentation of the four available product lines can be found here.


Because demand has steadily increased in the past among medium-sized customers, we want to offer them a cost-effective alternative for using AixBOMS with SaaS and SMB, without depriving them of the highlights in these management areas. The solutions are tailored to the customer in such a way that neither customizing nor external project planning is required.


We can also Service & Cloud Providers a special offer in the form of an AixBOMS package tailored to their specific needs.


All product lines have the same core as our enterprise solution. Therefore, it is easy to upgrade to it. Then the customer has the option to use all AixBOMS applications and an unlimited number of CIs. Furthermore, product adaptations to the customer environment up to own developments are possible with the AixBOMS Development Suite. This includes, for example, own masks, reports and couplings to special software at the customer. AixpertSoft offers standard and individual training as well as topic-related workshops to support customers with their installations.


While we create packages for different customer requirements with the AixBOMS product lines, we respond to most topics with further developments within our AixBOMS standard modules.

Advanced features of the AixBOMS Infrastructure Management Center

  • Nearly 200 predefined CI classes: data modeling is not necessary
  • historically grown applications in different performance classes from SMB to Enterprise
  • Own ETL tool for data transfer and reconciliation with the Integration Engine
  • Several thousand plausibility rules, so-called business rules
  • Maps & Structures for the visualization of CI contexts based on an open source standard
  • Real-time calculation and display of CI relationships from DB content, such as cabinet structures, network and service structures

Function modules

Building blocks for immediate use and fulfillment of your high demands in IT Infrastructure Management

In the long history of the AixBOMS product line, we have packaged the functional building blocks optimized for your use. You select only those modules and functional areas that are relevant and purposeful for you. Continuous expandability, release stability and continuity are guaranteed.

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AixBOMS Datazones enable full multi-tenancy on a granular object basis.

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Development Server

The AixBOMS server functionality is bundled in each case and is available for application areas in different performance classes.

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Development Suite

The AixBOMS Development Suite allows you to run your own development environment to adapt AixBOMS to specific needs.

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Integration Engine Enterprise

The high-end solution based on the ETL principle for the integration of different databases into a CMDB or CMS.

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Integration Engine Light

The convenient solution for secure data integration in professional infrastructure management.

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Inventory and Discovery

JDisc automatically inventories and creates IT documentation of your entire network (physical, virtual, etc.) and loads it into the CMDB.

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We offer everything from standardized software maintenance services to individual services tailored to the customer's needs.

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Test and integration server

The AixBOMS server functionality is bundled in each case and is available for application areas in different performance classes.

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Web Services

The REST API is a convenient way to load, update, delete and populate data via URL.

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Workflow in the server core for partially and fully automated execution of operations of recurring complex steps with time control and event handling.

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Workflow Designer

The Workflow Designer allows to make a formal process definition for the automation of work processes in AixBOMS.

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Development and data integration

Vendor-independent in-house development and data integration from "light-weight" to "total integrator

AixBOMS offers extensive possibilities to adapt the standard software to customer needs, by the service provider for "everything from one source" or by the customer himself. In addition, data integration and interface methods have grown over many years to enable a wide range of different processing mechanisms, third-party systems and deployment scenarios.

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Services related to the Infrastructure Management Center

We will be happy to help you if you:


  • Think about the acquisition of a CMDB
  • want to get neutral information about current topics and trends around CMDB and BSM
  • Want to consolidate data from different sources into a consistent database
  • want to put an Advanced CMDB like AixBOMS into operation
  • Extend management functionality for your database
  • want to integrate standards and renowned products from the Config, Change and Service Management area
  • want to train employees in the operation and administration of AixBOMS

We support our customers in all phases of IT operations:


  • Preliminary analyses and strategy consulting
  • Detailed analyses and reviews: Environment, processes and tools
  • Specification: Creation of concepts, requirement and functional specifications
  • Customizing: Customization of tools, individual developments and "out-of-the-box" solutions
  • Production: operational rollout, implementation, commissioning


Following the Plan-Build-Run-Improve model, you will find details of our service offerings in the following areas:


As a vendor-independent consultant, we support you in the creation of decision templates, concepts, project and budget plans.


Together with you, our certified specialists implement the designed solutions within the framework of goal-oriented projects.


For the challenges of daily practice we provide operational support for all market-leading applications, support, hotline up to 7 x 24 h on-call service for highly available solutions.


The continuous improvement process is a necessary prerequisite for operating in a resource-conserving yet competitive manner.


The template-based processing is fast, almost error-free and provides the basis for plausibility checks.

The AixBOMS CMDB offers complex structures, dependencies in other worlds (technical components, services, master data, contracts, SLAs, non-IT, ...), high completeness with equally high data quality.

Because of the staging area concept, actual and target states can be used for planning projects based on a plausible and extensive database. Tracking of changes is also possible via the history.

In 2013, AixBOMS was the winner in the IT Service category of the Innovation Award IT of the Initiative Mittelstand. For our developments in the area of DCIM, AixBOMS received the eco Internet Award 2013 as the best solution in the category Housing / Hosting / Data Center and DataCenter-Insider counts AixBOMS among the top15 DCIM tools. At the end of 2015 and 2016, AixpertSoft was honored with silver in the readers' polls for the IT Awards of DataCenter-Insider respectively!

As a system integrator, we integrate AixBOMS into your existing IT management landscape and do not pursue the goal of a replacement strategy.

With AixBOMS, we rigorously pursue the implementation of state-of-the-art tool and technology architectures following international standards.

We have been working in this field for more than 25 years now, and therefore have the most distinctive development, project planning and consulting know-how.

We offer you special applications, e.g. for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), Cable Management or IP Address Management (IPAM) as an add-on on a uniform architecture without the aid of further tool environments.

On the one hand, we strictly comply with ITIL requirements, but with AixBOMS we deliver an Advanced CMDB that exceeds common standards and requirements of international analysts.


Our training concept is modular, user group and task oriented and is based on your individual requirements.

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