LANline invites readers to vote and we're in! 01.10.2020

AixpertSoft nominated for the LANline readers' poll

LANline is calling on its readers to vote for its Provider of the Year 2020.


However, 2020 is no ordinary year. Many companies - including those in the IT sector - had to face very special challenges and adapt to the new situation in an agile manner. We can claim that we survived the most difficult months without any problems and were able to support our customers in the usual good quality and with a high degree of reliability and to drive our product forward in a stable manner.


If you are also satisfied with our product and your experience with our "crisis management" is positive, we would appreciate a token of appreciation.

Vote for us in the LANline reader poll in the category "RZ-Monitoring" at

We are pleased to be nominated and hope to be among your Vendors of the Year.

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