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AixBOMS Graphical Editors for Easy-to-Use and Secure Management of CMDB data

The Graphical RackView Editor for Sophisticated Rack Management

Get a Picture of your Physical Infrastructure


The RackView Editor offers a photo-realistic, real-time visualization of any distribution cabinet’s structural and patching information. RackView automatically gathers all graphical elements as well as positioning and connectivity information from the application’s database to consolidate them in the front and rear view of your distribution cabinets. Any installed components such as fiber trays, switches, servers and patch panels are displayed according to their position and configuration.

Change Management via Drag&Drop


Components may be added to a distribution cabinet via point and click, moved to a new position within a rack or deleted as required. Switch on the RackView planning mode in order to facilitate the implementation of change projects, including automatic creation of work and patch orders which may be used to control and progress projects.

      AixBOMS RackView Editor: Fotorealistische Darstellung von Rechenzentrumskomponenten mit Vorder- und Rückansicht

Photo-realistic view of data center components with front and rear view


Built-in Collision Control for a Perfect Fit


Front and rear views of the same distribution cabinet may be displayed side-by-side and rack-mounted components may be rotated individually. Further RackView features include the display of multiple distribution cabinets in one drawing and automated collision control for rack-mounted components occupying the same RU (front and rear) inside the same rack.

      AixBOMS RackView Editor: Vorder- und Rückansicht von Verteilerschränken mit Port-Verbindungen

Distribution cabinet front and rear view showing connections between ports


Port Analysis Reveals Connection Paths


Connections between ports in a single or multiple distribution cabinets can be highlighted by simple mouse-over (see purple lines above) or alternatively be displayed in detail with the help of a dedicated graphical tool – the Connection Analysis. With the help of simple color-coding, it is easy to identify the connection status of any component port. For example, green indicates that a port is connected, blue indicates ports that have been reserved for planning and project purposes and red denotes any defective ports.

RackView also works for sophisticated and manufacturer-independent data center installations – such as switch enclosures and blade centers – which may contain a great variety of child and grandchild components.

      AixBOMS RackView Editor: Farbkodierung für den Verbindungsstatus der Ports

Color code denoting port connection status


Operating AixBOMS Graphical Editors is Easy, Safe, and Quick:


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  • Photo-realistic visualization of distribution cabinets and components they contain
  • Front and rear views, frame areas, for individual or multiple racks
  • Add, move or delete rack-mounted devices (Drag&Drop); planning mode
  • Patch management, patch orders


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