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IP Address Management and DCIM: AixBOMS is an award-winning DCIM software

How does AixBOMS handle hostnames?

Instead of treating hostnames as attributes, AixBOMS looks at them as autonomous data objects. This allows for the free assignment of hostnames to active components, connectors and IP addresses and via those object types to logical and service items – meeting a wide range of customer requirements and use cases.

The Hostname Generator calculates alphanumeric single sequences based on the prefixes (namespaces), suffixes, and counter values selected by a user and assembles them as a hostname. User-defined schemas can also be added. A database object is generated for every hostname and can be related to other objects in the database. Additionally, any number of aliases may be assigned to a hostname and managed with AixBOMS.


IPAM5: Hostname Generator: namespace, counter type, and suffix selection