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IP Address Management and DCIM: AixBOMS is an award-winning DCIM software

Does AixBOMS support Dual Stack?

AixBOMS supports two standardized IPv6 mechanisms for the parallel operation of IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols. These methods are especially suitable when planning a new IPv6 implementation, in which case most companies allot a temporary conversion period where both protocols are used for quality assurance reasons.

IPAM3: Calculated Dual Stack
Calculated Dual Stack

AixBOMS dual stack assistant calculates automatically a corresponding IPv6 address for the selected IPv4 address.

IPAM3: Relation-based Dual Stack
Relation-based Dual Stack

By mapping an IPv6 network to an IPv4 network via relation, IPv6 addresses for dual stack can be assigned from the corresponding network.

IPAM3: IPv4 addresses are mapped to IPv6 based on IPv4 / IPv6 network relations