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IP Address Management and DCIM: AixBOMS is an award-winning DCIM software

How can I organize IPv6 networks with AixBOMS?

The object class “Network Organization” was added to AixBOMS in order to aid in the overview and structuring of vast IPv6 networks, allowing them to be divided into child networks based on organization, geographic location, technology, or a combination thereof. Organizational Networks also assists with the structuring and distribution of subnetworks to various categories such as country destination, subsidiary and partner companies, customer networks, or technological allocations. They can also be graphically represented and assigned as relationships to technical (IPv6) networks.

IPAM1: Network Organization: Assigning IPv6 networks

IPAM1: Reservation Pools: Address Utilization

With reservation pools, IPv6 networks can be divided up or reserved as separate network ranges for specific purposes such as ongoing projects, customer roll outs, forward-planning, etc. Graphical representations are available to provide an overview of IP address utilization and network structures.