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Data Center Infrastructure Management: AixBOMS is an award-winning DCIM software

Why choose AixBOMS?

AixBOMS is a highly innovative solution with a development history spanning more than 25 years and today, AixBOMS is used by about 15.000 users. It increases the efficiency of data center operations through the usage of unique planning and management tools.

From the very beginning, we have worked closely with our customers to provide a tailored user experience. We have always been—and always will be—open to implementing customer-specific functionality in the further development of AixBOMS. The graphic capabilities and underlying standardization of the AixBOMS CMDB have expanded its scope, turning it into a central information hub for managing the alignment of business and IT.         DCIM7: Software Made in Germany


With its up-to-date extensions, AixBOMS also addresses key issues for Service Providers, such us virtualization, cloud computing, and IP address management (IPAM) with dual stack support. These are just some of the reasons why many major players in the carrier and provider business have chosen AixBOMS as their Advanced CMDB.


DCIM7: Auszeichnungen

Our entirely CMDB-based Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution with powerful graphics editors (e.g. RackView, Area Plan, etc.) and an unrivaled planning mode also addresses Green IT issues. Its ability to detect savings via power, climate, and floor space management was officially recognized by the eco e.V. (Europe’s largest internet industry association) as “Best Solution” in the Housing / Hosting / Data Center category. AixBOMS has also been selected as one of the Top15 DCIM Tools by DataCenter-Insider. Both in 2015 and 2016 AixBOMS received the prestigious Silver IT-Award presented by DataCenter-Insider, based on their readers’ choice!

DCIM7: AixBOMS Logo The Aixpert Advantage:
Excellence in Documentation
one advantage of AixBOMS data model Cost-effective object-oriented documentation
Fast, cost-effective, and extremely accurate template-based data processing delivers a basis for plausibility checks
another advantage of AixBOMS data model Graphical representation of data elements turns the CMDB
into a central information hub

AixBOMS CMDB renders complex data structures and dependencies from other sectors (technical components, services, master data, contracts, SLAs, non-IT) into clear graphic images, while retaining data integrity and high levels of data quality
a further advantage of AixBOMS data model Immediate, noticeable effects on project planning
AixBOMS “Staging Area Concept“ uses “actual” and “target” conditions for project planning based on a plausible and extensive amount of data