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Data Center Infrastructure Management: AixBOMS is an award-winning DCIM software

What is AixBOMS?

AixBOMS is an Advanced Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for IT Service and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). AixBOMS offers a clear competitive advantage through its ease of use, support of up-to-date technologies, and high flexibility and configurability for meeting distinct customer requirements.


What does Advanced CMDB-mean?

Excellence in Documentation

An Advanced CMDB, such as AixBOMS, is capable of doing much more than just complying with ITIL-based requirements. It is not just a tool for passive documentation but:

  • is capable of intelligent data integration,
  • can control third party software solutions, and
  • supplies CMDB-based technical application modules for a wide variety of purposes in the area of IT Service and Infrastructure Management, as well as in Data Center Infrastructure Management.



Integrating AixBOMS into current system infrastructures is made simple thanks to its open interface model. Its core tasks are based around the standardized documentation and management of all necessary information for the planning, operation, and accounting of networks and IT inventory.

AixBOMS consists of a suite of applications based on Advanced CMDB technology that are unrivaled in their capability and expandability. Its vast range of uses includes rendering sophisticated graphical views of database information and extends to managing and monitoring complex IT Services, with object mapping capacity down to the port, connection, network, address, and virtualization level.

DCIM2: AixBOMS Suite
DCIM2: AixBOMS Suite


We were able to increase our competitive edge in the networking field even further thanks to current extensions for IP Address Management (IPAM). Key issues such as IPv6 implementation with dual stack and the management of hostnames, DDI, and typical IPv6 networks based on organizational viewpoints can easily be realized with AixBOMS’ user-friendly and secure environment. The object-oriented GUI also provides IPAM users with an array of descriptive graphic charts and assistants (wizards) to make complex work processes faster and easier. Consistent and high-quality data is assured through the use of “Business Rules”, our rules-based check layer.