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Our License Model: Fair And Flexible

New price structure for AixBOMS IX

In time to the release of AixBOMS IX we can also offer an extended and more flexible price structure for the AixBOMS software to our customers. We have completed the already established price structure AixBOMS classic byAixBOMS rent and AixBOMS SaaS. So we offer now an adequate price structure for each customer request. Just ask us! More information as well as an individual offer you can get under [email protected].

AixBOMS classic

AixBOMS classic is based on our modular license model. It is already successfully used since many years. It includes a temporal unlimited licensing right for all licensed AixBOMS software products. On the customer side the non-recurring investment will be spread over several years via an (notional) use period in the form of depreciations – „BUY ONCE – USE ALWAYS“. The paid AixBOMS license can be completed by additional (new) AixBOMS modules at any time. For investment protection the customer closes a software maintenance contract that allows a long-term use of the AixBOMS software on changing system environments (hardware, operating systems, databases etc.).

AixBOMS rent

AixBOMS rent is a promising approach in times of budget bottlenecks and also as a „temporary solution“. Instead of an one-time investment the customer spreads the costs for the required AixBOMS licenses over the desired period from 6 months up to multiple years. The monthly rent is computed as a fixed percentage of the necessary AixBOMS licenses and can be completely deducted from tax as business expenses. As with AixBOMS classic a requirement-based extension of AixBOMS rent by new AixBOMS modules is possible within the term of license.


AixBOMS SaaS (Software as a Service) provides the opportunity for the customer to use the AixBOMS software case-based – e.g. as an online database to prepare a complex datacenter move–. Unlike the SaaS models of other software producers the use is not brought to account according to the number of utilizations but to months. During the term of contract all AixBOMS modules are made available to the customer with unrestricted quantitiy. The costs for the default maintenance are also included in the monthly user fee, so the customer has not to expect more costs.

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