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Why Our Customers Have Made Their Decisions On AixBOMS

Here you find an extract of motives from customers that have chosen AixBOMS as their CMDB system:

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and CMDB

Many enterprise customers start a CMDB project of the necessity to integrate already existing Asset Management Systems and smaller CMDB solutions into a powerful CMDB. Besides a full integration the customer has the possibility of a partial integration (data, processes) or the use of AixBOMS as a backend CMDB (data repository).

BSM-oriented use of CMDB

As an market dominating issue with proceeding service and cost pressure in the IT and ITIL_V3 the (business) service-oriented implementation of a CMDB has become a top theme in the recent past. Synergies can only be achieved if CMDB data, master data or SLAs are available but not maintained in service consoles. Instead the CMDB must provide appropriate functionality under BSM aspects. AixBOMS offers its own integrated BSM application that has already proved its suitability for daily use in multiple cases.

Network Management with an Advanced CMDB

Even network operators and network planners expect more than configuration items and their relationship from a CMDB. Today functional requirements like net and structural plans, mass connection assistance, route search or address evaluation would not necessarily be assigned to the CMDB functional landscape. However, the requirement of a central data platform should be warranted in the company. Not only because ot our historic based experiences through the AixBOMS predecessor CCM (ComConsult Communication Manager), but also because of the outstanding properties regarding network management our customers decide in favor of AixBOMS as their CMDB.

IITIL-compliant process mapping

From the multitude of ITIL processes to be implemented our customers expect today not only a development environment but rather a preconfigured product environment according to best practice. After a wave of implementation for the incident and problem management today the complex processes of the service delivery environment are on top of the agenda. AixBOMS combines a powerful development environment (Eclipse) with the principle "rapid engineering" using a preconfigured module library.

Data Center Management

Data centers require not only optimized site and space management on the footprint, but also direct access to the occupancy, connection and configuration status of all rack systems. Moreover climatic values, power supply or entry and service areas are relevant. In this context, AixBOMS with its integrated CMDB funtionality is once more opposite to a number of special systems.

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