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AixBOMS and ITIL Standardization

In recent years, the core issue CMDB (Configuration Management Database) according to ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library, today ITILv3) has increasingly become the central task for IT organization.

AixBOMS and ITIL : workflows AixBOMS and ITIL: workflows


The standard templates (standard process definitions) and the conceptional data model used by AixBOMS are geared to ITIL to support the core IT processes. Here it is worth giving special mention to the key areas configuration and change management with the corresponding relationships to the surrounding service and support processes.

A central issue arises however from the question "what is an ITIL compliant CMDB"? Neither the de facto standard itself nor appropriate product certifications give a sufficient answer (much process, fewer customer worries).

Today we are surely glad to have found consistent terminologies and process standards; the experience shows that often the shoe pinches at another place. Or: what's the use of an ITIL compliant relocation of a server into a new data center if neither the basic infrastructure requirements (like footprint, climate control, or power consumption) nor the connection prerequisites (like trace assignments, network access or addressing) can be verified in the CMDB?

It is beyond all questions that ITIL guidelines have to be fulfilled on the product side. We even hold that they must be over fulfilled and thus speak of AixBOMS as an Advanced CMDB.

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