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AixBOMS Data Model

Universal Data Model With An Use-optimized Package

AixBOMS is supplied with a large number of predefined products, types and objects for swift use in practically any environment. In the interests of optimum resource dimensioning and particularly for a fair license policy, we offer these object structures in two different, mutually complementing packages: the CI data package and the SI data package. The pure CI or SI package can be used to generate, change and delete CIs or SIs via interfaces (import/export, interfaces to third-party systems, etc.) directly on the AixBOMS server level. Interactive working of users on an AixBOMS interface (GUI) requires additional basic user licenses (named user). All packages come with the same ITIL-compatible data model which has been developed and optimized in our long-standing, highly versatile projects. The large amount of positive feedback we receive from our customers confirms time and again that it is being used successfully.

Over and beyond the ITIL requirements, AixBOMS is currently the only available CMDB to also offer the outstanding properties of an advanced CMDB. These are based on the two-stage data model which makes a major contribution to the automation and planning of workflows and processes. The breakdown into a staging and a life area permits the management of future, temporary or secured data which can be used for different purposes on the basis of so-called configurable business rules: approval, revision, acknowledgement, change management,...

AixBOMS object oriented data model AixBOMS Data Model
AixBOMS.CI-Paket Advanced CMDB
By licensing CIs (Configuration Items), amongst other things, the following predefined object classes are made available with AixBOMS:

  • Workplace / Client / Server / Cluster / Host
  • Software / Storage objects
  • Netzwork (active and passive components)
  • Netzwork addresses
  • Contracts and costs
  • Accessories



What does Advanced CMDB-mean?

Excellence in Documentation

An Advanced CMDB, such as AixBOMS, is capable of doing much more than just complying with ITIL-based requirements. It is not just a tool for passive documentation but:

  • is capable of intelligent data integration,
  • can control third party software solutions, and
  • supplies CMDB-based technical application modules for a wide variety of purposes in the area of IT Service and Infrastructure Management, as well as in Data Center Infrastructure Management.




  • ITIL-compatible configuration management for networks, clients, servers, hosts and software
  • Any hierarchy structure of configuration items (CIs)
  • Class-specific attributes for realistic description
  • Software statuses as per ITIL-DSL
  • Storage objects
  • Efficient processing with default templates
  • Extensive product library
  • Deposited image files and documents
  • Graphic viewer for ad hoc analysis

AixBOMS Service Items AixBOMS Service Model

AixBOMS.SI-Paket „Service Inventory”
By licensing SIs (Service Items), amongst other things, the following predefined object classes are made available with AixBOMS:

  • Business service: Service objects of the highest level: activities directly related to the business process and individually defined meta objects
  • Service incl. sub services: Service objects on the middle layer, e.g. applications, services and individually defined meta objects
  • Part (optional): Service Objects on the base layer: representations of and link to the physical objects or CIs in the service world, e.g. DB server, WAN, data center South, server 00987 and individually defined meta objects


  • Depiction and management of service chains and trees
  • Granular hierarchical structure with BSSP model
  • Coupling level for ascertaining infrastructure dependencies
  • Integration of contractual and customer relationships
  • Top-Down analysis to ascertain the Root Cause
  • Bottom-Up analysis to define the impact on managed services
  • Version and configuration management for services
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