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AixBOMS IX Release 1 (R1) (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 7 (SP7)


AixBOMS V9.1 Service Pack 7 Highlights:


  • Cable Management
    • RackView Planning Mode enhancements
    • Cable Structure Editor enhancements
    • Port Editor enhancements

      Port Editor: Layers and patch cable info    Port Editor: Layers and patch cable info


  • Connectivity Management
    • New Connectivity Layer-1 Editor (node-edge-model)
    • New Connectivity Layer-N Editor ("network stack")
    • Graphical route view, patch search, switching and evaluation
    • Patch node concept enhancement

     Connectivity Editor and Floorplan

     Connectivity Editor: Layer-n-View
    Connectivity Editor and Floorplan Connectivity Editor: Layer-n View

  • Networking
    • Major IPv4 address management enhancements (incl. dual stack)
    • New reservation pools
    • Enhanced Hostname concept (incl. generator)
    • New concept for IPv6  (incl. dual stack, organizational networks,…)
    • New Network Utilization Chart for IPv6

      Networking IPAM Utilization    Networking: IPAM Utilization


  • Data Center (Infrastructure) Management 
    • Planning Mode in Area Plan enhancements
    • Change Management Control via Workflow Engine (incl. work orders)

  • Development Suite
    • ERM charts for object evaluation, filtering and data base queries
    • Workflow Designer enhancements

  • For all modules
    • Infrastructure Editor
    • Integration Engine light enhancements

  •   Infrastructure Editor ChangeIcon    Infrastructure Editor: Change Icon

The comprehensive Release Notes SP7 (> 150 pages) will be released in our support section in the following days. Exciting enhancements for SP8 will be announced in august 2013 (Roadmap). If you need further information please don't hesitate to contact us.


AixBOMS IX Release 1 (R1) (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 6 (SP6)

This service pack places an emphasis on feature and functionality enhancements for connection analysis, cable structure and data integration. The following list showcases the major highlights; many more enhancements have been rolled out across all Navigator applications. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly if you have any specific questions.


AixBOMS V9.1 Service Pack 6 Highlights:


  • Cable Navigator: Cable Structure Editor (CSE) -  a powerful tool for visualization and editing of cable and connection information
    • Visualization of connection and cable structure information
    • Based on connection analysis
    • Connect and disconnect in editor
    • Grouping functionality
    • Tooltips and color coding for better overview

    Cable Management: Cable Structure Editor


  • Cable Navigator: Port Editor (Cable Structure Editor enhancement)

  • DCM Navigator: Area Plans
    • Color coding for distribution cabinets
    • Additional area types for area classification

    DCM Navigator: Color coding for distribution cabinets

  • RackView Editor
    • Favorites for quick access to grouped racks
    • Enhancements for planning mode and work orders

  • Integration Engine Light: simple, Navigator-based data integration
    • Wizard-assisted data selection and mapping
    • Pre-configured load scenarios for standard tasks
    • Reusable job definitions and job controls
    • Integration of existing SLI (Simple Loader Interface) projects

    IE Light: Mapping Editor


  • Web Client: Structural Analyses
    • Hierarchy and impact analysis for Business Service Management
    • Configuration analysis displays component structure
    • Power analysis for Data Center Management
    • Sidebar for additional information

    Web Client: Structural Analyses


For more information, please visit our support pages.

AixBOMS IX Release 1 (R1) (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 5 (SP5)
AixBOMS V9.1 Service Pack 5 Highlights:
  • General: New keyboard shortcuts
  • Administration (Admin Navigator)
    • Administration dashboard: "Server Uptime" and recently accessed AixBOMS servers
    • New reports: "Device Count per Class" und "Templates with Icons"
  • Report Device Count per Class AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): Admin Navigator: Device Count per Class
  • Business Service Management (BSM Navigator)
    • Service Tree enhancement: "Company Tree Section" (service customer view)
    • Redesign of hierarchy editor and impact editor (orthogonal view)
    • New concept for service templates (similar to CI templates)
    • NMS enhancements for BSM.AddOn (integration with network management systems)
  • BSM Hierarchy Editor SP5 AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): BSM Navigator: Hierarchy Editor with orthogonal view
  • Cable Management (Cable Navigator)
    • Now supports global, continental and country plans
    • RackView Editor: planning mode (projects, new, manage, delete), planning views and preferences, InfoFields
    • New workbenches for Cable Management
  • BSM RackView Editor Planning Mode AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): Cable Navigator: Planning mode within RackView Editor
  • Configuration Management (CMDB Navigator)
    • New dashboards: Active Classes, Client Classes, Passive Classes, Software and OS Classes
    • New workbenches for Configuration Management
    • New section: URL for CIs
    • Configuration Editor redesign (orthogonal view)
  • CMDB new dashboards AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): CMDB Navigator: New Dashboards
  • Connectivity Management (Connectivity Navigator)
    • Physical and logical network paths, new section: end device extension
    • New workbenches for Connectivity Management
    • New reports: Free Phone Addresses, Netpath Detail
  • Data Center Management (DCM Navigator)
    • DCM Tree: Housing Areas for Companies
    • Area Editor enhancements: Rack Placement, RackView, Smart (Rack) Icons
    • Power editors for graphical display of power structure
    • Power utilization and recalculation
    • SmartSearch: customer definable search criteria (SmartSearch attributes)
  • Networking (Networking Navigator)
    • Network utilization chart
    • Redesign of IP Address Editor
    • IP Multicast definitions, VLAN enhancements, URL definitions
  • Networking network utilization chart AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): Networking Navigator: Network utilization chart

For more details, please check the Release Notes on our support pages.

AixBOMS IX Release 1 (R1) (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 4 (SP4)


V9.1 Service Pack 4 Highlights:

  • Enhancements for the AixBOMS Web Client (based on Eclipse RAP)
  • User-specific and searchable Keywords
  • Workbench enhancements (phase II of spreadsheet functionality)
  • New Dashboards with aggregation functionality
  • Enhancements for Data Center Management (DCM)
    • New graphical Power analyses (UPS infrastructure: Top-down, Impact)
    • Phase-accurate power documentation
    • Enhanced functionality for calculation of power load
    • Select and highlight search results in drawings
  • Enhancements for RackView Editor
    • Integration of (planning and change) projects


DCIM analysis of power components AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP4): DCM: Analysis of power components and their relationships
DCM SmartIcons power and heat utilization AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP4): DCM: Graphical representation of power and heat utilization (SmartIcons™)
CMDB enhanced spreadsheet functionality AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP4): Enhanced spreadsheet functionality (workbench)


For more details, please check the Release Notes on our support pages.

AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 3 (SP3)


V9.1 Service Pack 3 Highlights:

  • New AixBOMS Web Client (based on Eclipse RAP)
  • AixBOMS Problem Management Application switched to Java Forms
  • Enhancements for Data Center Management (DCM)
    • Enhancements of the product palette functionality
    • Complex searches (racks with free rack units, power capacity etc.)
    • Highlighting and labeling of search results in drawings
    • Configurable labels and InfoFields (display attributes on drawings)
    • Smart Icons (additional visualization of power and temperature values)
  • Enhancements for RackView Editor 
    • Rear view for distribution cabinets (automatic calculation)
    • Consideration of depth dimensions during installation
    • Restricted and reserved areas for rack units (Change Management)
    • Scale display for rack units
DCM enhancements for DCM Area Plan AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP3): Enhancements for DCM Area Plan (Data Center Management)
DCIM enhancements for RackView Editor AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP3): Enhancements for RackView Editor (racks incl. rear view)


AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 1 (SP1)


V9.1 Service Pack 1 Highlights:

  • platform support for: Oracle 11g, Java 6.20 (formerly Java 1.6), IBM WAS (Websphere Application Server) 7.1, Eclipse 3.6 IDE, Windows Server 2008 R1/R2 (32/64 Bit), Browser (various web browsers)
  • new Installer (installation tool)
  • new Administrator Client (“Admin Navigator”)
  • new Web Client (replaces JSP technology) for various web browsers
  • RackView: rear view for distribution cabinets (automatic calculation)
  • RackView and drawings: „Preferences Dialog“ and configurable InfoFields
  • forms-based management of drawings (Floor Plans, Area Plans, etc.)
  • configurable Grids (background grids) for rows of distribution cabinets and placement areas
  • components‘ grid positions saved based on drawings
  • various enhancements in the Connectivity Module
CMDB Navigator Webclient
Cable Management RackView with pallette
AixBOMS IX Release0 (R0) (V9.0.1.5) Service Pack 3 (SP3)


Service Pack 3 includes - amongst others - the following functionalities:

  • New dashboards with line and bar charts
  • Table framework (workbench) as a MS Excel substitution for Java forms
  • Homogenization of application and context menus (right mouse button)
  • "Hot Spots" (power, climate) on data center area plans
  • Energy analysis (power consumption)


The following platform supports have been integrated:

  • Support of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8 for AixBOMS Web Client
  • Support of Windows 7 / 32 Bit (in addition to 64 Bit) for AixBOMS Clients
  • Support of Office 2007 / Office 2010 for Windows 7 (AixBOMS Clients)
  • Support of IBM Websphere 7 (Application Server)
Admin Navigator Dashboard AixBOMS IX SP3: dashboard
CMDB line chart AixBOMS IX SP3: line chart
CMDB workbench AixBOMS IX SP3: workbench
DCIM Data Center Hotspots AixBOMS IX SP3: Data Center Hot Spots
DCIM power consumption AixBOMS IX SP3 Data Center Management: power consumption


Details you can find in the Release Notes on our support pages.

AixBOMS IX Release0 (R0) (V9.0.1.5) Service Pack 2 (SP2)



Service Pack 2 includes - amongst others - the following functionalities:

  • "Print Screen" for Java forms
  • Context menus (right mouse button) for  tables in Java forms ("Object Search", "Relation Tables")
  • Complex filters for tables in  Java forms
  • Product definitions ("Templates") in Java forms
  • Search ("Search Toolbar") for graphical viewer
  • "Change Display Attributes (CDA)" for tables in  Java forms (attribute selection)
  • New class for virtual server
  • Enhancements for BSM graphics ("Top-Down", "Impact"): relation types
  • New BSM relations
  • "Patch order" for Java forms
  • "Layer-N connectivity management" (logical netpath, higher layers)
  • Enhancement of the VLAN functionality
  • Enhancement of the carrier line objects
CMDB Form Welcome Page
Cable Management Area Plan RackView Editor


Details you can find in the Release Notes on our support pages.

Integrates BSM and Live Monitoring of Service Infrastructure via Nagios
New AixBOMS-Module: AixBOMS.BSM.Nagios



The open source network management software „Nagios“ is being deployed by more and more businesses for service infrastructure monitoring purposes. The AixBOMS application „BSM“ (Business Service Management) already is a sophisticated tool for service modeling and structural analysis. By integrating „Nagios“ with the AixBOMS BSM application AixpertSoft can now offer a comprehensive end-to-end BSM solution. Once the processes of service planning and modeling have been completed, Configuration Items (CIs) associated with a service need to be mapped to the monitoring system. This is frequently made difficult by systems discontinuity (multiple applications / tools) or a lack of skill and resources in the network management area. The AixBOMS.BSM.Nagios module enables your staff to easily create and configure monitoring elements, commands and scenarios as well as deploying them to the „Nagios“ NMS solution.


Business Service Management Nagios


Dependencies between monitoring elements („Nagios“ hosts), monitoring commands and Configuration Items (CIs“) are visualized using specific tree graphics. Pre-configured NMS commands („command line arguments“) can be selected without having to be manually created. It is also possible to import existing NMS configurations from „Nagios“. The „Hierarchy Editor“ (top-down analysis) and „Impact Editor“ (root cause analysis) graphically display up-to-date „Nagios“ monitoring information, so that affected services and CIs can be identified without delay in case of an event or a failure. A dedicated NMS Dashboard visualizes number, class and monitoring status of individual components, allowing for a quick overview and easy navigation.


More information you can get from our product flyer and under AixBOMS Business Service Management.

New AixBOMS Generation



With the AixBOMS IX ( software release AixpertSoft GmbH introduces the new benchmark for CMDB system environments. Analysts and strategists have lately been confirming that “classical” CMDBs are frequently unable to cope with typical business and planning tasks in the areas “Business Service Management (BSM)”, “Data Center Management & Green IT” and “Operational Management”. Over time, AixpertSoft has consistently implemented its strategic vision (alignment) and today we can present a software generation which is second to none and which fully meets the above-mentioned requirements.


CMDB Dashboard


The main new features of AixBOMS IX include:


  • platform independence through Eclipse IDE and Java technology, Open Source Integration and homogeneous software architecture
  • standard user interface "AixBOMS Navigator" for all applications
  • new Java forms technology meeting current ergonomic requirements
  • new dashboard technology based on BIRT
  • "AixBOMS Navigator" with integrated graphic design tool for WAN, site, building, floor and data center layout
  • "Integration Navigator" for reconciliation, quality assurance and load processes
  • expansion of the wizard framework and general functionality and features


For more details see:



> AixBOMS Applikationen and in our Support Area