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AixBOMS IX Release 1 (R1) (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 7 (SP7)


AixBOMS V9.1 Service Pack 7 Highlights:


  • Cable Management
    • RackView Planning Mode enhancements
    • Cable Structure Editor enhancements
    • Port Editor enhancements

      Port Editor: Layers and patch cable info    Port Editor: Layers and patch cable info


  • Connectivity Management
    • New Connectivity Layer-1 Editor (node-edge-model)
    • New Connectivity Layer-N Editor ("network stack")
    • Graphical route view, patch search, switching and evaluation
    • Patch node concept enhancement

     Connectivity Editor and Floorplan

     Connectivity Editor: Layer-n-View
    Connectivity Editor and Floorplan Connectivity Editor: Layer-n View

  • Networking
    • Major IPv4 address management enhancements (incl. dual stack)
    • New reservation pools
    • Enhanced Hostname concept (incl. generator)
    • New concept for IPv6  (incl. dual stack, organizational networks,…)
    • New Network Utilization Chart for IPv6

      Networking IPAM Utilization    Networking: IPAM Utilization


  • Data Center (Infrastructure) Management 
    • Planning Mode in Area Plan enhancements
    • Change Management Control via Workflow Engine (incl. work orders)

  • Development Suite
    • ERM charts for object evaluation, filtering and data base queries
    • Workflow Designer enhancements

  • For all modules
    • Infrastructure Editor
    • Integration Engine light enhancements

  •   Infrastructure Editor ChangeIcon    Infrastructure Editor: Change Icon

The comprehensive Release Notes SP7 (> 150 pages) will be released in our support section in the following days. Exciting enhancements for SP8 will be announced in august 2013 (Roadmap). If you need further information please don't hesitate to contact us.