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JDisc Discovery is the state-of-the-art inventory solution for your IT!

AixBOMS Inventory based on JDisc Technology integrates inventory data into the AixBOMS CMDB

With JDisc Discovery you get the complete overview of your IT environment at any time. That saves time and money with your IT Asset management and operational processes and minimizes thereby also the risk for your IT of projects!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Operational in only 5 minutes
  • Fast results, since no agent installation is required on target systems
  • Discovers up to 1500 devices per hour
  • Minimum configuration with small companies and maximum flexibility in large enterprises
  • Ideally for heterogeneous environments including Unix and Windows computers, routers and switches, and many other device types.
  • Always up-to-date data
  • All information at a glance
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Adapts to your company's structure
  • Open data base structures for simple data exchange


  • Take an inventory of your network without installing proprietary agents.
  • Scan computers running Windows, Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris and Mac OS X.
  • JDisc Discovery is not limited on certain manufacturers or types of devices.
  • Determine detailed hardware information such as model, manufacturer, serial number, disks, processors, memory modules, video adapter etc.
  • JDisc Discovery displays installed software, patches, drivers and services in addition to operating system version and patch level.
  • Identify Oracle data base servers as well as the active database instances.
  • JDisc Discovery detects and displays the relationship between virtual systems and physical hosts running VMware, Microsoft HyperV, Sun Solaris zones, HP Integrity Virtual Machines, Xen or Oracle VM Server.
  • Discovers product IDs and license keys for many Microsoft applications.


  • More than 20 standard reports display device details, IP networks, Active Directory objects and Windows domains.
  • Use JDisc Discovery's custom reporting to create your own reports.
  • Export reports as Microsoft Excel or CSV file.
  • Restrict reports to device groups.
IT Asset Management: report example Report example


  • Take an inventory with JDisc Discovery up to 36000 devices per day.
  • The flexible and efficient password administration scales for small to enterprise size companies.
  • The integrated SQL data base stores all your data reliably and efficiently.


  • Create your own custom reports.
  • Collect files from Windows and Unix computers.
  • Collect the output from system commands.
  • Execute your own scripts and store the output.
IT Asset Management: Comparison with history Comparison with history provides differences
  • Keep a history of collected information and compare it with previous revisions.
  • Define your own custom attributes and either edit them manually or collect them by executing system commands or your own scripts.


  • Discovery scans can be scheduled and executed automatically.
  • Select different ranges of your network, time and frequency of the scans.
  • Backup your database on a regular basis.

Support / Maintenance / Upgrades

  • We provide custom support via email and telephone hotline.
  • We offer consulting and training on request.
  • All software updates are included in a support contract.
  • Free support during the evaluation phase.


  • Permanent license: Purchase a perpetual license if you like to use JDisc Discovery permanently. The price depends on the number of devices.
  • Short-Term license: Acquire a short-term license if you like to use JDisc Discovery only for the duration of a project. The minimum duration is one week. The price depends on the license duration (number of weeks) and on the number of devices.
  • Annual subscription: Buy an annual subscription if you like to use the product for one or several years. The price depends on the number of devices.
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