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When it comes to IPv6 we are one step ahead

AixBOMS Networking: Software for IP address and network management

AixBOMS Networking's extensive and sophisticated functionality and its visualization tools are the basis for an easy-to-use and state-of-the-art IPv4 and IPv6 address management (IPAM).

It offers unparalleled flexibility in the design and organization of IPv6 network structures; these can be documented and managed according to a number of criteria, such as technical, geographical, organizational or combinations of the above. Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 functionality is complemented by fully integrated handling of logical networking features and useful administrative features such as VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) and networking-specific Access Groups.

IPAM: AixBOMS IPv6 Matrix Editor AixBOMS
IPv6 Matrix Editor


AixBOMS Networking provides a number of graphical editors for the visualization of network structures and hierarchies to match specific user requirements. IPv4 network structures are often best displayed in tree or topology views; since IPv6 network structures tend to be much more complex than those for IPv4 we have introduced the new IPv6 Matrix Editor. It displays a color-coded matrix for IPv6 networks indicating the underlying subnets and their respective sizes, enables a quick drilldown through the structure and shows important detail and master data information for the selected network. Reservation Pools allow the creation of manageable IP address segments within the huge IPv6 subnets. Typically, these pools will be used for the allocation of IP address ranges to specific IT components or technologies, projects, customers, etc.

Especially for IPv6 environments, new subnetting wizards have been introduced with the aim of making it easier to design and manage the potentially huge and complex network structures which are one of the hallmarks of this new version of IP. Smart and human-friendly notations make it much easier to work with the unwieldy 128-bit IPv6 addresses. The Hostname Generator enforces unique hostnames that meet customer-specific requirements with regards to the hostname makeup; and a set of new business rules which run in the background helps avoid "simple" mistakes when dealing with IPv6 documentation. Networking - Hostname-Generator for IPAM
IPAM: AixBOMS Networking Dashboard

Networking Dashboard


AixBOMS Networking, like all AixBOMS application modules, has full access to and extensive integration with the underlying CMDB. This makes it easy to build meaningful relations between networking-specific objects and those of other management areas, such as technical, business or services. The latest enhancements include Hostname, CNAME, Reservation Pool and Network Label objects, which can all be employed to achieve a clearer and more detailed picture of complex network environments thus providing for better planning, more accurate billing and faster error detection. The application fully supports both IPv4 and IPv6 network environments in parallel and offers dual-stack IP address handling which makes it a great tool for staggered and controlled IPv6 roll-outs.

AixBOMS Networking Tree and Dashboard AixBOMS Networking IPv6 Reservation Pool AixBOMS Network Organizations


AixBOMS IPv6 network organization and reservation pools

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  • Calculation and visualization of IPv4 and IPv6 subnets and addresses
  • Supports dual stack operations
  • Reservation Pools, Hostname Generator, DHCP/DNS compatible
  • Address allocation and network organization integrates master data and CIs
  • Logical and administrative objects (VLAN, Network Organization, Access Groups, ...)


AixBOMS Advanced CMDB for IPAM
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