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Holistic and service-oriented: from planning to billing

AixBOMS Data Center Infrastructure Management: Award-winning software for holistic DCIM

virtual inspection and search

virtual inspection and search

display of live measured values

display of live measured values

capacity and occupancy

capacity and occupancy

state and planning stage

state and planning stage

Today, capacity management, Green IT (power and climate efficiency) and virtualization are amongst the challenges of modern data center infrastructure management (DCIM). AixBOMS Data Center Management provides a CMDB-based application within an integrated user interface which comprises area and layout plans, rack management and visualization, power management, reports and detailed technical device information.

AixBOMS DCIM Dashboard Overview

AixBOMS DCIM Dashboard Overview

AixBOMS DCIM Dashboard Data Center

AixBOMS DCIM Dashboard Data Center

Because of the integrated Area Plan Editor it is no longer necessary to use specialized 3rd party visualization tools, such as Microsoft Visio™, in order to maintain drawings and layout plans. Layout plans for floors and areas can be integrated and enriched with CMDB objects.



          AixBOMS DCIM Area Plan

AixBOMS DCIM Area Plan

AixBOMS DCIM RackView Editor with connection lines

RackView Editor with connection lines

AixBOMS DCIM Power Editor

AixBOMS DCIM Power Editor

Dedicated mathematical and analytical functions and reports support a CMDB-based Capacity Management. Close integration with the underlying CMDB allows seamless access to additional technical infrastructure data, such as cable and network connections, customer and contract management as well as to service provisioning.

Predefined objects and calculations of power and climate data (Power Management) help you achieving your „Green IT“ objectives or simply avoiding over- and under-capacities.

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  • Graphical management of data centers and floor space (Area Plan Editor)
  • CMDB-based utilization optimization and layout planning
  • Rack management and visualization
  • Documentation of power and cooling incl. accounting functions
  • Reporting for capacitiy, utilization, thresholds, weak point analysis


AixBOMS Advanced CMDB für das DCIM
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