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Network paths for optimal services

AixBOMS Connectivity Management: Software for Routes and Services

The core task of AixBOMS Connectivity Management is to assign network-based services to paths (routes) within complex intermeshed network topologies. Service-oriented network providers greatly benefit from smart algorithms that support searching for the optimum route across a complex infrastructure landscape (comprising elements such as rack-mounted components, server clusters, main distributors and PBX systems) whilst considering logical entities (such as site, building and floor nodes) as well as technical service properties (such as port quality and service attributes). 

AixBOMS Connectivity Management provides a set of distinct path types which can be combined to document and plan any kind of network path This includes paths featuring legs for which only limited information is available with their specific attributes (such as contractual data, point of contact, etc.). The Connectivity Structure Editor Layer N graphically displays complex composite network paths with all their individual component paths; further detail information and extended functionality can be accessed directly from the editor’s context menu.

AixBOMS Connectivity Management Dashboard AixBOMS Connectivity Management dashboard

AixBOMS Connectivity Management features an assisted network path search based on patch node objects which can be assigned technical and logical properties. The underlying search algorithm takes into consideration criteria such as port quality, length, attenuation, or number of patches required and inclusion or exclusion of specific patch nodes. Also supported are multiple (redundant) routes and the specific requirements of telephony management such as dedicated technical equipment and phone number allocation. In addition, patch and work orders can be generated automatically when conducting searches for new switchings or change-overs.


The Connectivity Structure Editor Layer 1 graphically displays network paths running between IT or telec-ommunications infrastructure components, indicating all patch nodes the path runs across as well as showing planned and alternative routes.


AixBOMS Connectivity Structure Editor Layer 1
AixBOMS Connectivity Structure Editor Layer N




A set of sophisticated assistants supports the documentation of the many day-to-day changes typical of Connectivity Management.

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  • Document, plan and visualize network paths (Layer 1 and Layer N)
  • Supports patch nodes, network paths, network services, telephony, and more
  • Optimized path search based on various criteria
  • Alternative path search identifies parallel or redundant routes
  • Automatic creation of patch and work orders based on search results
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