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AixBOMS Configuration Management: Software for IT Management and Documentation

The de-facto standard ITIL with its configuration management process sets the accepted standard for a consolidated IT infrastructure management. It is not just the documentation of IT inventory data in a so-called CMDB or CMS that is of importance, but even more so its efficient use for the configuration management tasks. This implies a special challenge to the consolidation of technical and non-technical information such as commercial data, service information and master data and goes along with further requirements such as expandability and the assurance of a comprehensive and consistent data basis.

AixBOMS Configuration Management offers an out-of-the-box application that is well-proven, self-contained and developed in accordance with the latest software standards. Its advanced CMDB technology with nearly 200 preconfigured CI classes provides an open data model with sophisticated plausibility mechanisms (business rules).

AixBOMS CMDB Dashboard

AixBOMS CMDB Dashboard


IMAC/D Wizard

AixBOMS SAN Infrastructure Editor

AixBOMS SAN Infrastructure Editor

On top of this, AixBOMS offers customer-friendly interfaces for integration tasks and workflows for various management areas as described by ITIL. It provides graphical views and editors that visualize the relations between the data, support the design of complex structures and allow their efficient use for day-to-day operations.

AixBOMS Server Form with Configuration Editor

Server Form with Configuration Editor

AixBOMS Copy Template Wizard

Copy Template Wizard

Via state-of-the-art and ergonomic user interface technologies (Java), sophisticated detail and integration data as well as enhancement data, such as master data, can be used in templates or fully-automatic viewers and editors for graphical visualization and editing. A consistent architecture and modeling allow the seamless integration of peripheral systems by means of the AixBOMS Integration Engine, process integration via workflow control or abstraction and analysis via the integrated reporting and dashboard mechanism (BIRT).

Beispiel für IMAC D Prozess

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  • Configuration management according to ITIL V2 and V3
  • Product library for configuration items
  • CI visualization in maps and CI dashboards
  • IMAC/D wizards for efficient drag&drop operations
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