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Document and Plan Fuse and Power Hierarchies with the Power Editor

Keeping on Top of Power


Power management within the AixBOMS Data Center Management application facilitates the documentation and planning of fuse and power information relating to active components (such as servers, switches, etc.) installed in a data center environment. All levels of the normal power hierarchy are covered – from Power Transit Stations through Power Distributors and Fuses to Power Rails and PDUs.

The AixBOMS Power Editor is a graphical tool which allows for the visualization of complex fuse and power structures providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-use overview of all components which are part of a power hierarchy and the way they are connected. The exact location of power components may be documented using the Area Plan Editor. The solution also includes pre-defined Fuse and Power Capacity reports which soon become important instruments both for day-to-day operations and at management level.

      AixBOMS Power Management im DCIM: Stromhierarchie im Power Editor

Power Editor hierarchy


Within Power Management, the utilization status of power components is calculated by the software based on information available from the underlying database. The power consumption of any active components connected to fuses is added up and compared to the power capacity assigned to the fuse components. Real-time measured values can be integrated as part of a customer-specific project. User-configurable thresholds allow for a degree of flexibility in determining exactly when a fuse state is to be defined as critical. The software allows for the documentation of individual phase currents.

Detail Form for PDU with power-specific attributes

      AixBOMS Power Management im DCIM: Detailansicht für eine PDU mit stromspezifischen Attributen


In order to make it easy to spot critical elements in the power hierarchy – in the planning stages rather than upon installation and connection – overlay icons in the Power Tree provide quick visual status feedback for all power components.

      AixBOMS Power Management im DCIM: Power Tree mit Overlay Icons

Power Tree with Overlay Icons


Operating AixBOMS Graphical Editors is Easy, Safe, and Quick:


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  • Document and plan fuse and power hierarchies; check thresholds
  • Power Editor for quick overview
  • Overlay icons indicate overloaded components in Power Tree
  • Supports documentation of individual phase currents


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