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AixBOMS IX Workbench
AixBOMS Comes with Functionality Known from Spreadsheet-Software

We have just released our new video "AixBOMS IX Workbench"; please check it out in the AixpertSoft media library.


The AixBOMS IX Workbench introduces functionality known from spreadsheet-software right to the heart of our Navigator user interface. This video demonstrates the power and ease of use provided by this table-based way of working for smart bulk data operations and as an integrated import / export interface to existing spreadsheet-based documentation. The Workbench is just one of the advantages of a Java-based client - go and try this in a web-browser-based solution!


If you are interested in a more detailed overview of AixBOMS capabilities, we will be happy to do so in a personalized webcast.


You can also access this video on the AixpertSoft YouTube channel.