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IP Address Management and DCIM: AixBOMS is an award-winning DCIM software

How is AixBOMS different from specialized DDI tools?

DDI is an acronym for three commonly used networking terms: DNS (Domain Name System), DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and IPAM (IP Address Management).

When comparing AixBOMS to other DDI solutions currently on the market, it quickly becomes clear that AixBOMS is fundamentally different from its competition in the IPAM field. Amongst the main reasons for this are its:


IPAM2: IPAM information for server

Wide range of uses

In addition to standard network and address information, AixBOMS manages the technical data for all equipment and also the relationships to master data, such as people, contracts, organizations, cost centers, and more. All the necessary details—down to the port level—are taken into consideration, as are all of the other requirements for managing the physical, logical, and virtual components of sophisticated IT environments.


Workflows and Reports

AixBOMS facilitates processing workflows for the planning, configuration, management, and enabling of subnetworks, reservations (e.g. DHCP pools), and individual addresses. Reports provide useful information about equipment architecture, networks, and IPv4 / IPv6 address allocation.

IPAM2: Reports: Overview of IPv6 address allocation


IPAM2: VLAN management

Logical Information

Logical information such as network access groups and VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network) can also be represented in AixBOMS.
A template manager and an organizational concept for vast network structures are also included.


AixBOMS manages address ranges and pools for the dynamic allocation (DHCP) of IP addresses, which can be handed over to one or more DHCP servers at the appropriate step of a rollout process. Alternatively, AixBOMS – with the help of custom interfaces – can pass addresses on to DDI tools that are already used by the customer.

IPAM2: Current utilization of individual address ranges IPAM2: Creating a new DHCP pool with IPv6 addresses


AixBOMS can also document DNS-related information and pass it on to a DNS service (or vice versa).

IPAM2: AixBOMS Applikationen

AixBOMS does much more than just IPAM
AixBOMS sets itself apart from other IPAM tools with its project-based workflows and with its integration capabilities into other change processes à la ITIL.

IPAM2: Address Utilization

AixpertSoft provides a competitive edge through experience
AixBOMS users benefit from our many years of experience in DDI and working with existing customer toolsets, in addition to other key areas such as network organization, dual stack, and address management for virtual, logical, and physical equipment.