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AixBOMS Integration Engine Light: Light version of the enterprise edition to integrate data sources into a central CMDB

The AixBOMS Integration Engine Light is an easy-to-use tool for reliable data integration tasks in a professional environment for infrastructure management. Amongst its key features is its mapping functionality – an absolute requirement for any tool which aims to be a versatile link between today’s management solutions with their disparate data models. Mapping facilitates a direct correlation of imported data to data base objects in the AixBOMS CMDB. In contrast to the simple, MS-Excel-like workbench solution, the Integration Engine Light does not require that in- and output data structures are an absolute match. Instead, it is the data model’s attributes and relationships that provide the foundation for versatile mapping whilst retaining all existing rules and functionality.

Integration Engine Light - Mapping: Relating Source Data to Destination Objects Mapping: Relating Source Data to Destination Objects

The Integration Engine Light has been developed with both ease of use and immediate usability for standard tasks in mind, resulting in support for widely used data formats and the inclusion of a number of loader configurations for the integration of common data sources. Customers may decide to add their own loader configurations which are the groundwork for loader processes (jobs) which may be performed manually as well as event or time driven.

Integration Engine Light - Job Task Definition1 Integration Engine Light - Job Task Definition2
Job Task Definition

As simple as that!
The „New Load Configuration“ wizard will guide you through the configuration process. Once a project name has been assigned, format and structure of the input data are determined. Following that, all necessary information about the destination system is established. This includes the schema which contains those data objects which are to be entered by the input data.

All it takes to complete the load configuration is to relate the source data to the target objects, which is done via the mapping menu.

Load configurations are saved in the AixBOMS CMDB from where they can be used directly to initiate a load job. They can also be stored there to be used later or be assigned date and time information for recurrent execution. Log files for load processes are also stored in the data base where they can be reviewed at any time.

Integration Enginge Light - selection of the import schema 1 Integration Enginge Light - selection of the import schema 2
Selection of the Import Schema

You also might want to know:
The Integration Engine Light is fully integrated with the AixBOMS Navigator. AixpertSoft customers who have been using our SLI solution for data import may import their SLI projects into the Integration Engine Light and manage them from within the AixBOMS Navigator. Load configuration and protocol files (logs) for all imports are saved in the AixBOMS data base. They can be im- and exported and they may be run – via the Navigator – by other users who have corresponding access rights. Apart from being time driven other options (preferences) may have some bearing on how an import is executed. For example, there are rules which control whether a new data base object is to be created by AixBOMS in order to map import data for which no matching object can be found; the results for rules-based operations like this are also recorded in a log file. With the help of a delta file, data records which need to be reviewed may be corrected and re-loaded.

Integration Engine Light - Job Task Monitor Job Task Monitor

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  • Easy to use, integrated in AixBOMS Navigator
  • Wizard-controlled data selection and mapping
  • Pre-configured load scenarios for standard tasks
  • Reusable job definitions and control options
  • Allows import of AixBOMS SLI projects
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