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Sophisticated enterprise integration

AixBOMS Integration Engine Enterprise: Software for integrating data sources into a central CMDB

The integration and editing of existing or acquired raw data are amongst the core tasks during the design and automated maintenance of a CMDB or CMS. In addition to simple lists in file structure or databases with different complexity, nowadays discovery and inventory solutions, network and system management tools, ERP and master data or processing tools for service management are parts of IT environments with a potential for integration. Former approaches to the implementation of interfaces, such as proprietary coded ports, scripting methods or simple integration mechanisms have survived owing to continuously changing import data structures and high maintenance efforts.

With AixBOMS Integration Engine we provide a powerful tool for the integration of almost any data source and data destination according to the ETL principle (Extract-Transform-Load).

AixBOMS Job Editor: Definition of the whole integration process

AixBOMS Integration Engine - Job Editor

AixBOMS Preselection Editor for the Extract step

AixBOMS Integration Engine - Preselection Editor for the Extract step  


The AixBOMS Logging Editor

AixBOMS Integration Engine - Log Viewer AixBOMS Integration Engine- Logging Editor


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  • ETL tool for data import and export
  • Graphical editors for data selection and transformation
  • Integration of rules and scripting language
  • Job Editor, job scheduling, load handling, Logging Editor
  • Preconfigured software adapters
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