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AixBOMS Graphical Editors for Easy-to-Use and Secure Management of CMDB data

Create your Own Plans and Drawings with the Graphics-Based Infrastructure Editor

Your Perspective on Infrastructure


The AixBOMS Infrastructure Editor allows you to create your own flexible infrastructure plans and drawings containing a mix of graphics, drawings, and database objects. The AixBOMS database objects – such as technical components, networks, carrier lines, persons, locations, contracts, … – can be placed inside a plan from within the Navigator and facilitate the creation of a wide variety of customer-specific drawings, charts, or logical and organizational overviews. For objects placed inside an infrastructure plan, full database integration is retained. As such it is possible to retrieve detailed information or execute management operations (via context menu) for the objects. Special link objects are available to navigate from one infrastructure plan to another or to area and floor plans.

      AixBOMS Infrastructure Map: Infrastrukturplan mit Routerverbindungen

Infrastructure plan displaying multi-site router schematics


The Infrastructure Editor is fully integrated with all AixBOMS application modues. Drawings created with this editor may also be defined as Welcome Pages. There is no additional license cost for this functionality.

      AixBOMS Infrastructure Map: Kontextmenu enthält Funktionen für das Cable, DCM, BSM, Connectivity Management, ....

Context menu provides Cable, DCM, BSM, Connectivity Management, etc. functionality


The Infrastructure Editor‘s palette allows the insertion of strictly graphical elements (no database information available) in the drawing; however, those graphical elements can optionally be linked to database objects or additional information may be entered for them via their Properties view.

      AixBOMS Infrastructure Map: zuästzliche Eigenschaften werden bei Mouseover angezeigt

Additional information is displayed on mouseover


It is also possible to use professional map material as background image:

          AixBOMS Infrastructure Map: Infrastruktur mit professioneller Hintergrundkarte und Links auf Flächen- und Etagenpläne

Infrastructure plan with professional map material and links to area and floor plans


Operating AixBOMS Graphical Editors is Easy, Safe, and Quick:


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  • Create your own infrastructure plans and drawings
  • Drag&Drop integration of AixBOMS database objects
  • Use existing drawings and professional maps (e.g. OpenStreetMap) as background
  • Link to area and floor plans via shortcuts


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