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AixBOMS Graphical Editors for Easy-to-Use and Secure Management of CMDB data

Graphics-Based Icon Editor for Visualization of Rack Components

Visualize your Network Components


Within AixBOMS, the Icon Editor is a fully integrated graphics tool where you can save and edit photo-realistic or schematic icons for technical components and their child components which are to be documented and managed within distribution cabinets. Once a background icon has been uploaded – it is possible to make use of images made available in standard formats (jpg, gif, png, svg) by the component‘s manufacturer –, it provides the photo-realistic image to be displayed in the RackView Editor.

      AixBOMS Icon Editor: Hintergrundgrafik wird um intelligente Objekte ergänzt

Background image to be enriched with intelligent objects


In a second step, objects required for the documentation of connections – typically ports and slots – can be added. The port and slot types, technology, and icons available for a specific component are automatically taken from its database template.

List of ports available for placement on icon

      AixBOMS Icon Editor: Port-Objekte für die Vorderseite des Icons






      AixBOMS Icon Editor: Patchpanel mit Port-Objekten

Patch panel with port objects


Tools available for icon refinement in the Icon Editor include options for zooming, alignment, rulers, arranging, rotation, and tooltips which provide detailed information for objects displayed in the editor. This makes it easy to complete even the most sophisticated and complex of icon creation projects.

Switch chassis with empty slots in Icon Editor

   AixBOMS Icon Editor: Switch Chassis mit leeren Slots


Once icons have been created, they are linked with the template definitions available in the database. They can now be displayed and managed in the RackView Editor. Ports and slots have become interactive objects. For example, network cards or hard drives may be inserted into slots; ports may be connected with one another or to cable objects. All these operations are supported by business rules automatically doing background consistency and plausibility checks.

      AixBOMS Icon Editor: Switch Chassis, bestückt und verbunden

Switch chassis, loaded with line cards; connected ports


Operating AixBOMS Graphical Editors is Easy, Safe, and Quick:


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  • Create and enrich photo-realistic icons for the documentation of rack components
  • Integrate your own images (jpg, gif, svg, png) as icon background
  • Properties and child relationships (such as ports and slots) inherited from template definition
  • No additional license fee for 3rd party graphics tools


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