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AixBOMS Graphical Editors for Easy-to-Use and Secure Management of CMDB data

Plan and Document All of your Cabling Infrastructure with the Graphics-Based Floor Plan Editor

Of Cables and Connections


The AixBOMS Floor Plan Editor makes it easy to display and manage floor and site drawings without the need for additional graphics software. A freely configurable palette is available for the insertion – via point and click – of IT and cabling infrastructure components (all of which are database objects complete with attributes and relationships) such as racks, cable ducts or sockets into the drawings. Based on user-supplied scaling information, cable and cable duct lengths can be calculated automatically; InfoFields and simple notes can be used to enrich the drawing with meaningful additional information.

Layer Technology for Enhanced Clarity


The Floor Plan Editor makes use of a layer technology which – for clarity’s sake – allows individual users to configure the plan they are working on to display only the objects and information that they need to see.

      AixBOMS Etagenplan mit Komponenten der Kabelinfrastruktur und Kabelpfade

Floor plan displaying cable infrastructure components and cable paths


Site plans facilitate the documentation of larger and outdoor infrastructure installations such as campuses, neighborhoods and company premises. Links to other area or site plans make it easy to navigate between multiple locations. For visualization and management of a distribution cabinet’s contents, the RackView Editor may be launched directly from a floor or site plan.

      AixBOMS Geländeplan mit Kabelinfrastruktur und Links zu weiteren Plänen


Site plan displaying cable infrastructure and links to further plans



Quick and Error-Free Creation of Bulk Connections


The Connection Wizard has been designed specifically for making bulk connection transactions – allowing one or multiple start components, none, one, or multiple cables and one or multiple target components. Connection technologies supported can be as simple as straightforward port to port or as complex as MPO/MTP. Underlying business rules are in place to help avoid unnecessary errors.

      AixBOMS Assistent für Massenverbindungen


Wizard for multiple and complex connections



Operating AixBOMS Graphical Editors is Easy, Safe, and Quick:


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  • Floor and site plans displaying IT and cabling infrastructure components
  • User-configurable palette for easy access to frequently used component types
  • Automated calculation of cable and cable duct length
  • Connection Wizard for complex and bulk connection transactions


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