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Data Center Infrastructure Management: AixBOMS is an award-winning DCIM software

How far-reaching are AixBOMS' capabilities?

Our partner-based business model makes AixBOMS available in 160 countries around the world. Our parent company ComConsult Kommunikationstechnik GmbH is a leading IT consulting firm and offers high quality, honest, vendor-independent services in all areas of network, system, and service management.

AixBOMS’ scalability in documenting and managing data centers (DCIM), IT systems, and IP networks (IPAM) make it a compelling and advantageous solution for both medium and large-size enterprises.

AixBOMS can also be readily integrated into companies who already utilize documentation and management systems, playing just as large of a role as a partner system to other applications as it does as a data repository (or technical CMS - Configuration Management System). This flexibility stems not only from adhering to software development standards during its creation, but also from its built-in integration tools—starting with the Light version for standard tasks and extending to the Enterprise version for a professional reconciliation with scheduling, iteration, and backtracking tools—and last but not least, from the open source development interfaces of the AixBOMS Development Suite.

DCIM6: Advanced CMDB