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Data Center Infrastructure Management: AixBOMS is an award-winning DCIM software

Who can benefit from using AixBOMS?

AixBOMS is a software solution with a focus on the management and efficient operations of data centers. As such it undergoes a continuous development and optimization process. Its scalability not only supports a cost-effective adaptation to respective customer environments but also allows for simple expansion when increasing the number of systems being managed or when expanding management areas to other fields. AixBOMS offers the same refined experience to companies who provide housing and hosting solutions as it does to those wishing to document and automate their internal IT systems and operations.

DCIM5: AixBOMS RackView Editor Its wide range of use cases offers support in related fields like cable and connectivity management, which Internet Service Providers can also benefit from. For example, the visualization and monitoring of service structures is, in combination with our BSM modules, tailored perfectly to the needs of an ISP. The workflow and analytical functions offer efficient support in the supply and billing of customer-specific services, whilst taking relevant contract data / SLAs (Service Level Agreements) into account.


Data center operators value key features of AixBOMS, like the RackView, Floor Plan, and Area Plan editors, not only during the early stages of data center planning but also for automating their daily patch and change duties. The DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) diagnostic tools can quickly detect space and supply bottlenecks in power supplies and climate management systems. DCIM5: AixBOMS Area Plan Editor


Many companies are also interested in our current extensions for the Networking application, which not only supports IPv6 but also dual stack IPv4 / IPv6 side-by-side implementations.

DCIM5: SAN architecture



  DCIM5: Floor plan with cable ducts



  DCIM5: Power hierarchy tree in Power Editor