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Data Center Infrastructure Management: AixBOMS is an award-winning DCIM software

Why is AixBOMS special?

The cornerstones of AixBOMS were already set in place in the 1990s by its predecessor: CCM (ComConsult Communication Manager). Originally intended purely as a network and cable documentation system, the concept was expanded upon and developed into an Advanced CMDB (Configuration Management Database) for the various branches of IT Service and data center management. AixBOMS now consists of a wide range of applications based on an open, object-oriented database model. Each application places a direct emphasis on specific management tasks, for example:

DCIM3: AixBOMS Business Service Management
Business Service Management
Service topology shows dependencies between infrastructure and services, impact analysis and integration of contractual information, …
DCIM3: AixBOMS Cable Management
Cable Management
Physical connectivity management with photorealistic RackView and Floor Plan editors, planning mode and automation, …
DCIM3: AixBOMS Data Center Infrastructure Management
Data Center Management
Data center and floor space management with graphical tools, utilization overview and optimization, vulnerability analysis, Green IT, …
DCIM3: AixBOMS Connectivity Management
Connectivity Management
Logical network management and service-based accounting, alternative and optimized route search, automated patch orders, …
DCIM3: AixBOMS Networking
Dual IPAM for IPv4 and IPv6 network structures, subnetting, address allocation, label concept, organizational networks, hostname generation, dual stack, …


AixBOMS applications and the CMDB data model stand out as a consistent development concept thanks to a unified GUI (graphical user interface) and the application subinterfaces that exchange commonly shared information, such as master data. This object-oriented approach makes it possible to provide the appropriate methods for managing objects in other fields. The following features are provided for managing objects (e.g. a distribution cabinet and its installed components) via their graphical representations within a data center area plan:

RackView for the management of distribution cabinets. Connection Analysis for the detailed depiction and processing of port allocations and physical connections. Impact Analysis for the coupling of service dependencies from the BSM perspective with physical information.

AixBOMS’ database model has been optimized throughout the years and customized to meet changing customer requirements. It allows for the hierarchical management and monitoring of complex IT components, virtual systems, and services while taking their dependency relationships and graphical aids into account, which are also tailored to the corresponding management focus. Service Providers benefit from dedicated editors and templates, which allow them to map their services to object structures down to the port level. These include both physical and virtual components and systems, connections, networks, and addresses that all serve as the base for a con-tractually compliant account of the associated services for each customer. AixBOMS already supports the most current trends in the internet business, including IPv6, cloud computing, and much more. 

Different software licensing models are available for AixBOMS including: licenses based on the number of database CIs (Configuration Items), an SaaS leasing option (Software as a Service), and package solutions for small and medium businesses (AixBOMS SMB) to fulfill the needs of growing businesses while keeping implementation costs at a minimum.

AixBOMS is developed using Eclipse®, an open source Java-based development environment. Therefore, there are no additional or hidden costs for add-on packages and the like. Eclipse® is also cross-platform and supported by a large development community, which makes AixBOMS a future-proof investment.

      DCIM3: AixBOMS Architecture-Standards