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The Next Evolutionary Step for Infrastructure Management:

Data Center Management and Cloud Provisioning

The mixed and parallel operations of company-owned infrastructure, data centers, and cloud services poses a major challenge for future enterprise IT infrastructure management. Consistent, technology-independent processes will be the master key to addressing this challenge whilst separate solutions each for administration, operations, and provisioning should be avoided.

At the core, there are an “Enterprise Provisioning” manager and an efficient “Data Center Management” solution powered by their own rules-driven data base with algorithmic transactions; an “Enterprise Service Bus” ensures seamless integration with 3rd party systems. The solution covers technical configuration, operations, and optimization as well as company-specific compliance guidelines, policies, data security and, last but not least, cost issues.

Maximum added value can be achieved when the EPM is fed master data, work orders, and configurations from a technical CMDB or a DCIM solution, thus assuring a consistent and automated overall process.

Provisioning Process

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