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AixBOMS Graphical Editors for Easy-to-Use and Secure Management of CMDB data

Area Plan Editor for Graphics-Based Planning and Documentation of IT Rooms and Data Centers

Focus on Capacity and Utilization


The AixBOMS Area Plan Editor makes it easy to display and manage data center area drawings without the need for additional graphics software. A freely configurable palette is available for the insertion – via point and click – of various types of data center areas (including grids, housing and infrastructure areas) and IT infrastructure components such as distribution cabinets into the drawings. InfoFields and simple notes can be used to enrich the drawing with meaningful additional information. Enhanced search functionality (SmartSearch) is available to quickly identify and locate those components you are looking for.

Layer Technology for Enhanced Clarity


The Area Plan Editor makes use of a layer technology which – for clarity’s sake – allows individual users to configure the plan they are working on to display only the objects and information that they need to see.

     AixBOMS DCIM Area Plan from Bird's-Eye View

Area plan showing birds eye view of grid, various area types and distribution cabinets


Distribution cabinets which are placed (from a list of search results or the palette) on an appropriate area are automatically assigned their corresponding grid position. Size and appearance of racks in the drawing can either be automatically generated from database information or manually configured by the user. For visualization and management of a distribution cabinet’s contents, the RackView Editor may be launched directly from within an area plan.

     AixBOMS DCIM Area Plan with Smart Search

SmartSearch criteria and matching results for an area plan


SmartSearch for Quick Results


Large data center area plans may contain a considerable number of IT infrastructure components. The AixBOMS SmartSearch functionality makes it easy to find only the components that a user wants to work with. SmartSearch finds components according to business criteria – such as the owner company and serial number – or according to technical criteria – such as the IP address or a specified number of consecutive free rack units within racks (or combinations of any of these criteria). The SmartSearch results are displayed directly within an open area plan. For up-to-date indication of environmental parameters such as power consumption and heat emission, SmartIcons may be displayed in order to visualize rack status information.


Operating AixBOMS Graphical Editors is Easy, Safe, and Quick:


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  • Area Plans for graphical management of data centers; Data center cockpit
  • Enrich plans with customized display of components and additional information
  • SmartSearch makes it easy to find specific racks and components
  • SmartIcons visualize power and heat information


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