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From ad hoc to total integrator

The functionality, detail information, graphical views and analyses supplied by AixBOMS may need to be integrated with a user’s digital workspace or an enterprise’s software solution portfolio in many different ways (or vice versa). For example, service desk staff may want to quickly access in-depth technical information about IT components stored in AixBOMS directly from their browser-based help desk software in order to work through a ticket; perhaps, a company might want to actively propagate data available in AixBOMS to another enterprise tool – consider IP address information to be rolled out via a DDI tool; or, host status information available through an NMS tool is to be visualized in the AixBOMS Business Service Management module; etc.

The AixBOMS solution can be used as a CMDB (Configuration Management Database). As such – and in accordance with ITIL best practices – it acts as a central data repository for significant components and their relationships in IT environments. It often also interacts with a variety of enterprise-level solutions in disciplines such as asset, problem, or service management.

Any data repository with multiple sources inevitably needs to contain an “integration level” in its data model. The role of the integration level is significant in that it acts as a translator and regular updater for data in the CMDB. One common challenge, for example, is the identification and correlation of information supplied by multiple sources. Detailed technical and non-technical data for a server in a data center will be available from sources such as a purchasing system, an asset management solution, a discovery tool, a DDI software, a business service console, and quite likely from spreadsheets containing “specialist” information – and all presented via one interface or another. Key component attributes such as IDs, manufacturer, user and administrator relations, network addresses and host names, child components, location data, etc. are typically available from more than one of the systems mentioned above and will inevitably appear in different forms. Reviewing the information available, determining the “correct” version, moving it to the data repository and possibly propagating a “normalized” version to other enterprise applications is not a trivial task and may well necessitate an integration concept. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

AixBOMS is an Advanced CMDB, in that it not only meets ITIL requirements, but by far exceeds the functionality of a “passive” documentation system, as:

  • It can interface with and “feed” third-party systems.
  • It delivers CMDB-based technical modules for different use case scenarios in IT service and infrastructure management and in data center infrastructure management (DCIM).
  • It features, last but not least, in addition to its wealth of integration options, a dedicated intelligent data integrator which efficiently manages and stores data from almost any data source in the AixBOMS CMDB, allowing for a truly holistic management approach.

The following graphic summarizes AixBOMS’ various integration options and capabilities. For more information please download our product flyer.

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