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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

While established system environments for CMDBs struggle with the programming of individual interfaces, scripts, data exchange on XML level, APIs or discussions about data and function models for interfaces, a standalone ETL product and function environment - the AixBOMS Integration Engine - has been developed in the past years, that is incomparable to any other.

In the actual discussions about CMDB federation, reconciliation and CMD integration you can almost receive the impression that the topic “data(base) interface” is treated for the first time. Unfortunately we find ourselves in an environment, where even no standard data models (CI data model, process data model, relation model) or methods exist. If manufacturer encounter difficulties within their own product suites or perform critical operations with the antique methods mentioned before, it can easily be derived which consequences exist for heterogeneous product environments.

Another publicized method is the blind or unevaluated transfer of source data models or source data. Of course you can save the costs for data modeling but the thought of normalization and standardization for the source system (the CMDB) suffers enormously. This can have serious consequences for the CMDB deployment (visualization, special applications, reporting, process integration, controlling, …).

Already in the 1990s the first concepts for „Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)“ have established themselves. Interface standardization and configuration, source data and destination data identification, release stability or load process control have led to more comfortable methods and applications than classical proprietary interface programming could achieve until now.

For the CMDB environment we have diagnosed that the requirements have become more complex over the course of time, both for (import and export) data structures, data volume, number of interfaces and for check mechanisms of the data transfer.

The consequence of AixpertSoft was the decision for an own ETL tool (the Integration Engine) that allows you to user-driven combine arbitrary data sources and destinations (with adequate load jobs). Modifications of data models, check mechanisms, transfer rules, job control or release changes are significantly simplified. Even manual inspection (quality, modifications) of the data to be transferred or the parallelization (loading of different sources at the same time) is offered comfortably by appropriate user interfaces and needs no assistance by the manufacturer.

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