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Use AixBOMS as a Service!

AixBOMS SaaS (Software as a Service) is a convenient way for entering the AixBOMS universe.

AixBOMS SaaS  


This leasing solution can easily be adapted and scaled to a customer’s needs and offers for example Business Service Management for SMB or access to the RackView Editor, Floor Plan Editor, Area Plan Editor and Power Management features. These include smart visual and graphical tools (editors and wizards) for cable and data center management tasks, which are part of the day-to-day business in small and medium size companies. The editors and wizards are closely integrated with the underlying database, so that easy-to-understand visual images represent potentially highly complex database objects with relations to other database objects. This functionality is extremely helpful when dealing with IT infrastructure overviews, distribution cabinets and their content or trying to create, analyze and understand connections between objects.

The maximum number of objects that can be documented and managed in an AixBOMS SaaS solution is 50,000 (depending on the number of CIs actually licensed) and access to the solution is charged through a monthly fee which includes maintenance and support. Additional modules can be made accessible or the solution can be migrated to AixBOMS Enterprise at any time.

AixBOMS SaaS provides a cost-efficient way for smaller businesses to take advantage of AixBOMS key functionality without the need for up-front investment. Each AixBOMS SaaS instance is tailored to the customer’s requirements and does not depend on extensive customizing or project work.

  AixBOMS SaaS: pre-configured leasing version
  • Pre-configured leasing-solution for small and medium businesses
  • AixBOMS SaaS is hosted by AixpertSoft, service instances are separately managed for each customer
  • Fixed contract period, option to upgrade and buy


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