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AixBOMS IX Release 1 (R1) (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 6 (SP6)

This service pack places an emphasis on feature and functionality enhancements for connection analysis, cable structure and data integration. The following list showcases the major highlights; many more enhancements have been rolled out across all Navigator applications. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly if you have any specific questions.


AixBOMS V9.1 Service Pack 6 Highlights:


  • Cable Navigator: Cable Structure Editor (CSE) -  a powerful tool for visualization and editing of cable and connection information
    • Visualization of connection and cable structure information
    • Based on connection analysis
    • Connect and disconnect in editor
    • Grouping functionality
    • Tooltips and color coding for better overview

    Cable Management: Cable Structure Editor


  • Cable Navigator: Port Editor (Cable Structure Editor enhancement)

  • DCM Navigator: Area Plans
    • Color coding for distribution cabinets
    • Additional area types for area classification

    DCM Navigator: Color coding for distribution cabinets

  • RackView Editor
    • Favorites for quick access to grouped racks
    • Enhancements for planning mode and work orders

  • Integration Engine Light: simple, Navigator-based data integration
    • Wizard-assisted data selection and mapping
    • Pre-configured load scenarios for standard tasks
    • Reusable job definitions and job controls
    • Integration of existing SLI (Simple Loader Interface) projects

    IE Light: Mapping Editor


  • Web Client: Structural Analyses
    • Hierarchy and impact analysis for Business Service Management
    • Configuration analysis displays component structure
    • Power analysis for Data Center Management
    • Sidebar for additional information

    Web Client: Structural Analyses


For more information, please visit our support pages.