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AixBOMS IX Release 1 (R1) (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 5 (SP5)
AixBOMS V9.1 Service Pack 5 Highlights:
  • General: New keyboard shortcuts
  • Administration (Admin Navigator)
    • Administration dashboard: "Server Uptime" and recently accessed AixBOMS servers
    • New reports: "Device Count per Class" und "Templates with Icons"
  • Report Device Count per Class AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): Admin Navigator: Device Count per Class
  • Business Service Management (BSM Navigator)
    • Service Tree enhancement: "Company Tree Section" (service customer view)
    • Redesign of hierarchy editor and impact editor (orthogonal view)
    • New concept for service templates (similar to CI templates)
    • NMS enhancements for BSM.AddOn (integration with network management systems)
  • BSM Hierarchy Editor SP5 AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): BSM Navigator: Hierarchy Editor with orthogonal view
  • Cable Management (Cable Navigator)
    • Now supports global, continental and country plans
    • RackView Editor: planning mode (projects, new, manage, delete), planning views and preferences, InfoFields
    • New workbenches for Cable Management
  • BSM RackView Editor Planning Mode AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): Cable Navigator: Planning mode within RackView Editor
  • Configuration Management (CMDB Navigator)
    • New dashboards: Active Classes, Client Classes, Passive Classes, Software and OS Classes
    • New workbenches for Configuration Management
    • New section: URL for CIs
    • Configuration Editor redesign (orthogonal view)
  • CMDB new dashboards AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): CMDB Navigator: New Dashboards
  • Connectivity Management (Connectivity Navigator)
    • Physical and logical network paths, new section: end device extension
    • New workbenches for Connectivity Management
    • New reports: Free Phone Addresses, Netpath Detail
  • Data Center Management (DCM Navigator)
    • DCM Tree: Housing Areas for Companies
    • Area Editor enhancements: Rack Placement, RackView, Smart (Rack) Icons
    • Power editors for graphical display of power structure
    • Power utilization and recalculation
    • SmartSearch: customer definable search criteria (SmartSearch attributes)
  • Networking (Networking Navigator)
    • Network utilization chart
    • Redesign of IP Address Editor
    • IP Multicast definitions, VLAN enhancements, URL definitions
  • Networking network utilization chart AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP5): Networking Navigator: Network utilization chart

For more details, please check the Release Notes on our support pages.