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AixBOMS IX Release 1 (R1) (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 4 (SP4)


V9.1 Service Pack 4 Highlights:

  • Enhancements for the AixBOMS Web Client (based on Eclipse RAP)
  • User-specific and searchable Keywords
  • Workbench enhancements (phase II of spreadsheet functionality)
  • New Dashboards with aggregation functionality
  • Enhancements for Data Center Management (DCM)
    • New graphical Power analyses (UPS infrastructure: Top-down, Impact)
    • Phase-accurate power documentation
    • Enhanced functionality for calculation of power load
    • Select and highlight search results in drawings
  • Enhancements for RackView Editor
    • Integration of (planning and change) projects


DCIM analysis of power components AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP4): DCM: Analysis of power components and their relationships
DCM SmartIcons power and heat utilization AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP4): DCM: Graphical representation of power and heat utilization (SmartIcons™)
CMDB enhanced spreadsheet functionality AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP4): Enhanced spreadsheet functionality (workbench)


For more details, please check the Release Notes on our support pages.