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AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5) Service Pack 3 (SP3)


V9.1 Service Pack 3 Highlights:

  • New AixBOMS Web Client (based on Eclipse RAP)
  • AixBOMS Problem Management Application switched to Java Forms
  • Enhancements for Data Center Management (DCM)
    • Enhancements of the product palette functionality
    • Complex searches (racks with free rack units, power capacity etc.)
    • Highlighting and labeling of search results in drawings
    • Configurable labels and InfoFields (display attributes on drawings)
    • Smart Icons (additional visualization of power and temperature values)
  • Enhancements for RackView Editor 
    • Rear view for distribution cabinets (automatic calculation)
    • Consideration of depth dimensions during installation
    • Restricted and reserved areas for rack units (Change Management)
    • Scale display for rack units
DCM enhancements for DCM Area Plan AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP3): Enhancements for DCM Area Plan (Data Center Management)
DCIM enhancements for RackView Editor AixBOMS IX (V9.1.0.5 SP3): Enhancements for RackView Editor (racks incl. rear view)