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AixBOMS IX Release0 (R0) (V9.0.1.5) Service Pack 3 (SP3)


Service Pack 3 includes - amongst others - the following functionalities:

  • New dashboards with line and bar charts
  • Table framework (workbench) as a MS Excel substitution for Java forms
  • Homogenization of application and context menus (right mouse button)
  • "Hot Spots" (power, climate) on data center area plans
  • Energy analysis (power consumption)


The following platform supports have been integrated:

  • Support of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8 for AixBOMS Web Client
  • Support of Windows 7 / 32 Bit (in addition to 64 Bit) for AixBOMS Clients
  • Support of Office 2007 / Office 2010 for Windows 7 (AixBOMS Clients)
  • Support of IBM Websphere 7 (Application Server)
Admin Navigator Dashboard AixBOMS IX SP3: dashboard
CMDB line chart AixBOMS IX SP3: line chart
CMDB workbench AixBOMS IX SP3: workbench
DCIM Data Center Hotspots AixBOMS IX SP3: Data Center Hot Spots
DCIM power consumption AixBOMS IX SP3 Data Center Management: power consumption


Details you can find in the Release Notes on our support pages.