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AixBOMS IX Release0 (R0) (V9.0.1.5) Service Pack 2 (SP2)



Service Pack 2 includes - amongst others - the following functionalities:

  • "Print Screen" for Java forms
  • Context menus (right mouse button) for  tables in Java forms ("Object Search", "Relation Tables")
  • Complex filters for tables in  Java forms
  • Product definitions ("Templates") in Java forms
  • Search ("Search Toolbar") for graphical viewer
  • "Change Display Attributes (CDA)" for tables in  Java forms (attribute selection)
  • New class for virtual server
  • Enhancements for BSM graphics ("Top-Down", "Impact"): relation types
  • New BSM relations
  • "Patch order" for Java forms
  • "Layer-N connectivity management" (logical netpath, higher layers)
  • Enhancement of the VLAN functionality
  • Enhancement of the carrier line objects
CMDB Form Welcome Page
Cable Management Area Plan RackView Editor


Details you can find in the Release Notes on our support pages.