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Dynamic Handling
Integration Engine

AixBOMSRequirements for data import and export processes within the CMDB context arise today with topics concerning the automated data maintenance from discovery and scanner systems, agents and inventory tools or from other external data sources. Because of the static handling default schemas, standard gateways or proprietary interface programming have completely survived. Dynamic data sources (particularly dynamic data structures) require dynamic administration. Thus, with AixBOMS Integration Engine we provide you a tool that assists you in graphical representation and operation of the classical ETL (extract-transform-load) process.

Integration Engine


The basic version of the Integration Engine under AixBOMS version 2.7.1 (release date 2007-04-26 ) has been verified within a customer project and contains in addition to a barrier-free access to the AixBOMS data model (repository) as source or destination, an integration of the discovery system IBM TADDM 5.1.
With an upgrading release (version in autumn of this year we support the integration of estabilshed database systems via JDBC /ODBC adapter. In the future special product adapters (configured product usecases) can be provided by the customer himself, by the AixBOMS partner or by the producer.

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