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New Client Type
AixBOMS Navigator

AixBOMSSince version 2.7 AixBOMS offers a new client type, the AixBOMS Navigator based on Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). This client platform allows a completely new look & feel of the AixBOMS standard applications under consideration of the newest innovative software technologies.
Besides the redesign of AixBOMS applications for the AixBOMS user, this strategical orientation supports an independent customer and partner application development. Since version 2.7.1. (release date 2007-04-26) the new designed AixBOMS CMDB Navigator, AixBOMS BSM Navigator and AixBOMS Networking Navigator are available.


Rich Client - Networking Modul


Further intended stages of extension are the AixBOMS Cable Navigator and AixBOMS Connectivity Navigator in the version 2.7.2 (release date: beginning of 2008), and accordingly the AixBOMS DCM Navigator in the version 9.0 next year.