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New AixBOMS Generation



With the AixBOMS IX ( software release AixpertSoft GmbH introduces the new benchmark for CMDB system environments. Analysts and strategists have lately been confirming that “classical” CMDBs are frequently unable to cope with typical business and planning tasks in the areas “Business Service Management (BSM)”, “Data Center Management & Green IT” and “Operational Management”. Over time, AixpertSoft has consistently implemented its strategic vision (alignment) and today we can present a software generation which is second to none and which fully meets the above-mentioned requirements.


CMDB Dashboard


The main new features of AixBOMS IX include:


  • platform independence through Eclipse IDE and Java technology, Open Source Integration and homogeneous software architecture
  • standard user interface "AixBOMS Navigator" for all applications
  • new Java forms technology meeting current ergonomic requirements
  • new dashboard technology based on BIRT
  • "AixBOMS Navigator" with integrated graphic design tool for WAN, site, building, floor and data center layout
  • "Integration Navigator" for reconciliation, quality assurance and load processes
  • expansion of the wizard framework and general functionality and features


For more details see:



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