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Integrates BSM and Live Monitoring of Service Infrastructure via Nagios
New AixBOMS-Module: AixBOMS.BSM.Nagios



The open source network management software „Nagios“ is being deployed by more and more businesses for service infrastructure monitoring purposes. The AixBOMS application „BSM“ (Business Service Management) already is a sophisticated tool for service modeling and structural analysis. By integrating „Nagios“ with the AixBOMS BSM application AixpertSoft can now offer a comprehensive end-to-end BSM solution. Once the processes of service planning and modeling have been completed, Configuration Items (CIs) associated with a service need to be mapped to the monitoring system. This is frequently made difficult by systems discontinuity (multiple applications / tools) or a lack of skill and resources in the network management area. The AixBOMS.BSM.Nagios module enables your staff to easily create and configure monitoring elements, commands and scenarios as well as deploying them to the „Nagios“ NMS solution.


Business Service Management Nagios


Dependencies between monitoring elements („Nagios“ hosts), monitoring commands and Configuration Items (CIs“) are visualized using specific tree graphics. Pre-configured NMS commands („command line arguments“) can be selected without having to be manually created. It is also possible to import existing NMS configurations from „Nagios“. The „Hierarchy Editor“ (top-down analysis) and „Impact Editor“ (root cause analysis) graphically display up-to-date „Nagios“ monitoring information, so that affected services and CIs can be identified without delay in case of an event or a failure. A dedicated NMS Dashboard visualizes number, class and monitoring status of individual components, allowing for a quick overview and easy navigation.


More information you can get from our product flyer and under AixBOMS Business Service Management.