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AixBOMS Online Trial and AixBOMS SaaS (Software as a Service)

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AixBOMS Trial

Sign up now for access to the AixBOMS Online-Trial!

The AixBOMS Online Trial version provides web-based access to a shared standard AixBOMS installation hosted by AixpertSoft. The Trial Online version comes with a free-of-charge time-limited (90 days) access which lets you explore selected AixBOMS functionality. The Trial period may be renewed once for a second 90 days term. Tutorials, video clips and further supporting documents are available from the AixpertSoft media library. Should you require optional AixpertSoft Hotline support for your Trial, we will be happy to supply a quote according to your specific requirements.


Use the AixBOMS SaaS option (Software as a Service)!

AixBOMS SaaS provides online access to a dedicated and chargeable AixBOMS instance configured and supported according to your specific requirements, for which we will be happy to supply an personalized quote. AixBOMS SaaS customers have access to our entire range of AixBOMS training material, manuals and further supporting documentation from both the AixpertSoft media library and the AixpertSoft support area.


For detailed information on AixBOMS training courses available from AixpertSoft, please take a look at the Service section on our website.

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