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AixBOMS for Service and Cloud Providers

Addressing the Special Requirements of the Provider Business

For Service & Cloud Providers, AixpertSoft offers a dedicated application package which addresses the specific diverse requirements of this customer group.

AixBOMS for Service and Cloud Providers  


The package comprises three major AixBOMS Enterprise modules:

  • The AixBOMS Business Service Management module which focuses on the documentation and management of services of any kind - including cloud-based ones – and their relationship to customers and business data. It includes reporting functionality and integrates contract-specific information.
  • The AixBOMS Connectivity module allows for the search and documentation of logical network paths across a physical infrastructure, functionality which is particularly useful in a carrier environment.
  • The AixBOMS Networking module creates and manages networks, subnets and IP address structures and hierarchies. IPv6-specific functionality is taken into account as are requirements for temporary parallel operations of IPv4 and IPv6 environments (dual stack).
  AixBOMS SCP: Management solution for service and cloud providers
  • BSM: service documentation and framework for billing
  • Connectivity: logical network path management
  • Networking: IP address and network structure management
  • Reports, service structures (port-based, VLANs, …), customers, contracts, workflows
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