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Why AixBOMS Is Worthwhile For You Too

Market Leadership: Our vision is to become a worldwide market leader for standalone CMDBs based on our AixBOMS technology.

Product Leadership: Our vision is that the core CMDB of every BSM solution is based on our leading AixBOMS technology.

We fulfill the following prerequisites for proceeding successfully with consistent implementation: 

  • Efficient project organization with control circle and executive committee
  • Simple optimization and control possibilities with all tendered services coming from a single source
  • Low-risk migration thanks to a frequently tested concept
  • Future-proof in terms of possibilities for rapid adaptation to technology modifications, thanks to state-of-the-art software technology and consolidated release planning
  • High-speed realizability of the required performance, by using already existing standard modules and interfaces
  • Experience of the provider  from more than 20 years of implementation and more than 800 projects of a similar nature




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