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We Support Our Customers In All Phases Of IT Operations

  • Advance analysis and strategy consulting
  • Detailed analysis and reviews: environment, processes and tools
  • Specification: preparation of concepts, tender and performance specifications
  • Customizing: adaptation of tools, individual developments and "out-of-the-box" solutions
  • Production: start of production, implementation, initial commissioning

With reference to the Plan - Build - Run - Improve model, the following sections provide details about our range of services:
As manufacturer-independent consultants, we help you draw up decision-making documents, concepts, projects and budget plans.
Our certified specialists work together with you to implement the conceived solutions in the scope of specifically rated projects.
In order to cope with the challenges of daily practice, we provide operational support for all leading market applications, a support hotline on standby up to 24 hours a day, providing solutions when you need them.

The process of continuous improvement is the only way to ensure both that your resources enjoy optimum protection, and that you remain competitive.

The following topics should be considered before the actual roll-out of an AixBOMS solution:

PoC Einführungsvorgehen Phasenmodell ITIL Management Summary


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